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The following are some links that we have bookmarked as our favorites. We hope you enjoy them!

Photography/Art Related:

Noel Sampang Artworks
Mordern Ruins Photographis Essays
CFormat.Org: Organization to bring together artists in NYC.
Sacred Mirror: The Visionary Art Of Alex Grey: Official Alex Grey Website.
H.R. Giger: Giger's Offical website.
Eyes of Chaos: Website from Mike Bohatch, featuring "dark" artwork.
NYC Galleries: Listing of NYC art galleries.
Paul Lesch AirBrush Gallery: Airbrush designs by Paul Lesch. Definetly worth checking out!!!!!


The Discovery Channel
P.E.T.A: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
EyeBall Design: Photoshop tutuorials.
Useless Knowledge Trivia: Page of random facts.
The Atari Historical Society
Bannerman Island History Site

Just for Fun:

Weird NJ: Offical Weird NJ magazine website.
Stupidity Hurts
Rainbow Brite: Everything Rainbow Brite!
Wu-Name: Type in your name, and the site generates a "Wu-Name" for you.


OhGr: Ohgr's offical site.
The Hydrogen Bar: Chemlab webpage.





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